Why Choose Channel Capital?



For individuals we believe in low cost access to investing. Our products wont have long lock in periods or extortionate commission rates that are charged by most advisers in Japan or the Asia Region. In fact, we don't take those type of fees at all, to ensure you have the maximum flexibility in what you want to do with your money.


Our individual portfolios consist of low cost ETFs that we automatically rebalance, mixed with defensive positions in Structured Products and other non correlated investments. Each portfolio is designed with a specific risk rating ranging from cautious to adventurous. Clients can choose to mix and match with their own ideas of course.


We also offer execution only services for clients who want to invest that way and we can also offer HNWIs professional investment opportunities in Hedge funds, Capital Market products, Real Estate and Private Equity opportunities.


For funds or investment companies that are looking for distribution and capital raising in this region we have a number of local channels we can offer your services should your product be suitable. Please contact us for further details.  


We aim to put your money first by offering low cost platforms which have no long lock ins, and all have full online features for you to have easy access to your funds as and when you need them. Combined with professional portfolio and investment reporting services you will be able to invest your money with confidence.