Portfolio Allocation

Asset Allocation is a vital part of portfolio planning.We believe in prudent portfolio planning combined with regular rebalancing to make sure your money is continually invested in your chosen risk  range.

We use the following asset classes in our portfolios - 

1. Equities - ETF Index Purchases , ETF Sector Purchases 

2. Bonds - ETF Index Purchases , Specialised Sectors

3. Commodities - ETF purchases - precious metals

4. Structured Products - Defensive positions 

5. Alternatives - uncorrelated market solutions

For most asset classes we mainly use ETFs as they are very low cost and provide excellent risk mitigation with index purchases.


Clients can of course choose their own investments to mix and match if they so wish. None of the investments we use have any sort of lock in so your money can be liquidated very quickly if needed.

The mix of each portfolio is dependent on the clients chosen risk profile which is selected after a consultation.