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Structured Products

Given its unique ability to tailor investments to investor preferences, the structured product industry continues to grow at an impressive pace, and it is estimated that the size of outstanding structured products around the world has increased to over US$3 trillion in 2019.

We have relationships with a number of European Structured Product providers who have a range of different products to suit all investors risk appetites. 

The products can cover Stock Indexes, Sector Indexes, Funds, Individual Shares or even Real Estate. 

Capital Guarantees can go upto 100% and there are also for products that target larger yearly coupons. Capital protection barriers start from 50% up to 90%. Product terms go from 1 yr to 6 years depending on the issue.

The issuers of the notes are all major financial institutions with credit ratings ranging from BBB to AAA.

These products are updated weekly. Please contact us for the latest offerings.

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